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Who we are

Acord-92 is one of the leading distributors and technology provider with excellent marketing and logistics service in Slovenia. As a vital link in the technology value chain, Acord-92 creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through marketing programs, outsourced logistics services, technical support, financial services, product aggregation and distribution. Throughout its history, Acord-92 has maintained the leadership role by demonstrating the knowledge and expertise needed to identify the market channels and needs that shapes the IT market in Slovenia. Today, the company continues to anticipate and recognize the market and industry trends, this is keeping Acord-92 at the position of forefront companies on Slovenian IT market. With our own assembly line for PC's we do supply all major retail and whole sale companies in the region. The same time we do service most of the products we sell, in house. Additionally we do have Service contracts for world leading manufacturer, as Toshiba, AOC, NEC, Dell, .... With our special department for project business, we have been able to participate and win numerous government tenders.

We started in 1991 as group of enthusiasts and from a small company we become one of largest distributors of IT equipment in Slovenia. As one of the leaders on market we are always under pressure from many companies, but pressure is just aditional motivation and challenge.

How we operate

We understand distribution as whole and we conduct business with our partners as they expect and demand on developed market. We connect our customers with our partners, so they also an benefit from direct contact and information sources. We constantly improve our channels in parallel to market develompent. Our product line is always fresh, supply big enough and all processes are strictly controlled. We have established quality control system that complies with ISO standards and is yearly confirmed by BVQi.

What we want

In future we want to increase satisfaction of our customers and improve quality of our offer and service. We don't want to just stay on the market, we want to play important role on the market.

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  • /Toshiba/
  • /Dell/
  • /NEC-Display-Solutions/
  • /Logitech/
  • /Kingston/
  • /AOC/
  • /Philips/
  • /Sapphire/
  • /Asus/
  • /MSI/
  • /Sandberg/
  • /takeMS/
  • /LC-Power/
  • /Bluewalker-powerwalker/
  • /Foxconn/
  • /Apacer/
  • /Asrock/
  • /Coby/
  • /Club3D/
  • /Tracer/